The rodeo

I was recently visiting my uncle down in Texas this past summer and he invited us to see a real cowboy rodeo! I was pretty hyped about it originally.

But once there, I was not enjoying it at all! The reason was because it was too darn hot.

The temperatures over there in Texas are ridiculous that time of the year and I’m surprised they actually had the rodeo outdoors and going! All I wanted and was thinking about the whole time was getting back to the car to get into some nice air conditioning. After about a half an hour of this ungodly heat, I finally told my uncle and family that I simply couldn’t stand being there anymore and that I was going into the car and cranking the air conditioning. I did just that and sat in the car with the central air conditioning cranked until it was all done and they came back to the car to go home. Then once back at my uncles it was such a relief to walk into central air conditioning. He has one of the best possible central heating and air conditioning systems on the market today. Air conditioning is something that is a must in Texas because of the heat. Much like Arizona. I would never want to live down there. Though while indoors in the air conditioning at my uncle’s place and in different restaurants we went to where there was air conditioning, I had a great experience and fun time. But man oh man, I was happy to leave and get home to where we only needed air conditioning in the day sometimes!

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