The summer weather is horribly hot

It has been blistering hot this summer time so far, even when compared to other summers, and it feels like I say it every year, however this is truly the hottest summer time I have ever experienced.

I have been spending most of my time indoors, which I hate because I like being outside, and with this pandemic, it’s not like I can go to the gym, either, so I try to exercise as best I can while being cooped up.

I live outside of town, so I don’t have to stay trapped inside due to exposure of COVID, it’s just too blasted hot to spend more than a few seconds out there. My problem is that I run hot, and my home air conditioner isn’t strong enough to fight the summer heat and my body heat at the same time! This awful old A/C can barely keep it together most days, and if the place is under 86 degrees it’s a good day. I have been putting off getting a new air conditioner for a couple of years now, so it’s truly gotten out of hand, anyway, my point is that I get so hot when I work out that this site just doesn’t have the cooling for it to be safe, I might get weak from the heat. Although I can’t afford a new central Heating and A/C system, I might be able to afford one of those smaller, portable units. A portable A/C unit has the power to cool down one or two rooms, so maybe I should add one to my home gym.


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