The tree guys damaged our house and air conditioner

My husband and I were concerned that a single of the giant oak trees in our yard was going to fall on the house; however, it was right before the hurricane season and the worst time for tree branches to cause disfigurement.

I decided to call a tree trimming business that works locally.

The crew had wonderful reviews on yahoo and google and the tree trimmers came with a wonderful review from a single of my coworkers. They guys came on a Monday day to cut down the tree… All of us were going to have them unfasten a single branch, but they advocated removing the entire tree which was mostly dead by then. The guys were now working all day, but after supper they seemed less excited and fatigued. The guy breaking the tree was up toward the top using the saw, but not a single one was seeing… Suddenly, the branch broke loose and slammed right down on the backside of my house. It smashed through the garage and right into the heating, ventilation and A/C unit. I was indoors when the heating, ventilation and A/C unit was hit. I heard a loud bang and the lights flickered and the AC then went out. I was so angry with the tree trimmers. I called my insurance business and their insurance business. The mangled mess was repaired, however I had a lot of inconvenience. It took weeks to fix all of the disfiguring and I am still fighting with them to pay for the heating, ventilation and A/C plan that was only many years old. They paid me used prices for the system, when it was still under warranty. I’m still trying to get the rest of the currency.

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