The waiting room

I got nailed for speeding last month and got a traffic ticket. I hate it when that happens. I had the option to dispute the ticket or just go to the courthouse and pay it. I decided to go and just pay the thing. It was a pretty hot day and I was not looking forward to this, but it had to get done to avoid further issues. Much to my surprise when I walked into the courthouse waiting room, I was blown away by the quality air conditioning that they had! Usually places like this have horrible air conditioning and heating. And you either fry yourself to death or freeze your tail off, depending on the time of year. But this waiting room in the local courthouse had great air conditioning. I could not really believe it to tell you the truth. After I paid my traffic ticket I had to ask someone around there about the air conditioning. I wanted to know if this was a new thing or if the central air conditioning system was always this good. The person I talked to in the waiting room that worked there told me that they have always had great central heating and air conditioning there for years after many employees complained and threatened to quit because of the old weak heating and air conditioning. How do you like that? The people actually were able to win one over on the city! That is something you do not get to see every single day.


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