The wedding was almost ruined until I saved the day

My little sister got married last Saturday and the wedding was almost ruined. She really wanted an outdoor celebration and nothing was going to keep that from happening. Even when we woke up on Saturday morning and it was pouring rain, my sister still insisted that we continue to plan for the outdoor wedding. Luckily, I had a few plans just in case we ran into a problem like stop. We already had a large pavilion, but I called a rental company to bring us for additional canopies to place over the dance area. Everything was shielded from the rain. Even the food and buffet table were safe from rain and storm winds. The sudden and intense rain brought a lot of humidity and the temperatures were warm and muggy. I had a solution for that problem as well. I work for a company that supplies industrial machine rentals. We have a number of machines like scaffolding, backhoes, refrigeration units, and even portable air conditioners. I worked out a deal with my boss and they brought a large commercial air conditioner for each area. We had four commercial air conditioners in total. After we were shielded from the rain and the air conditioners were running, it seemed like we were at an indoor venue. My sister was very happy that she could still have an outdoor wedding, even though it was raining, thundering, and lightning. I’m sure my sister will remember her wedding day for the rest of her life and it’s an experience that I won’t soon forget either.

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