Thinking about leaving the school system

I’ve been a teacher at the same school for multiple years, and it’s safe to say that I’ve had our ups and downs.

I love teaching and getting to help our students learn, but the education system seriously does not prioritize the safety of staff! There are many elements when thinking about the safety of a school, but one element that is often overlooked is clean, high quality air! We are always stuck in a room with more than a dozen students, so even though we are all used to germs, it’s still imperative that our a/c is up to the highest standards.

I heard a rumor from an older teacher that the air ducts at the school hadn’t been cleaned in years. This sounded honestly strange to me because I knew that air ducts should be cleaned pretty often! The air ducts experience a lot of build up. It’s easy sometimes for small creatures to climb in there and die if there are pesticides in there. I decided to ask the office administration if the people I could see the air conditioner repair history. I saw the last air duct cleaning and inspection was three years before that date so I instantaneously called our Superintendent and she came out to speak with our principal about air quality standards. They had the Heating & A/C company come out to the school that same afternoon to begin cleaning after school was done. It took them about a month to finish. There was some gross stuff that came from the vents. I’m considering leaving the education field because I don’t love the way that our education treats the teachers and students.

Heating and air conditioning

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