Use HVAC so I don’t have to hear sirens nonstop

When I moved into this neighborhood I thought that I was going to feel extremely safe.

It happens to be a part of town located near the police and fire stations.

As such, I was excited about the idea of having authoritarian help right around the corner any time I might need them. I never stopped and considered the negative ramifications of being so close to these important public service men. Namely, I forgot about how loud it can be when somebody has to go rushing into an emergency situation. All day and night. I am surrounded by the noise pollution of sirens. I can’t possibly have my windows open if I ever expect to sleep or get any work done because my indoor air will quickly be filled with the sounds of emergency responses. As such, I can’t ever rely on natural ventilation. I can’t open my windows and expect a fresh breeze to blow through without disturbing me. In fact, I have to rely on my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system if I want to be able to breathe easily or think straight. I am constantly adjusting my thermostat up or down depending on the indoor air temperature and the forecasted weather. I can’t live separate from my central heating, cooling, and ventilation system for more than a few hours before my place starts to feel stagnant and uncomfortable. I’m always paying out the nose when my energy bill arrives each month. Even worse, I have to pay the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership on a regular basis when my HVAC system breaks down. I’m glad that I live by these safety departments… But I could use an emergency HVAC repair shop right around the corner too.

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