Using my boyfriend’s work out equipment and liking it

My boyfriend was a big fitness guy in college.

When we graduated the two of us bought a house and moved in together.

My boyfriend insisted that the backyard shed had to be his work out space. He bought mats, a weight bench, free weights, a jump rope and a sound system. At first he used his gym everyday. After getting a job and working 9-5, he stopped working out all together. I wanted to toss all the fitness equipment and free up space but he told me it was too expensive and he would get back into it someday. I figured someone might as well use the space. I work from home and have the time. The gym is right there with all the equipment. It turns out that I love working out. I am a naturally slim person so I don’t really need cardio. I enjoy doing exercises with the free weights and dancing to music in the gym. I have worked on my flexibility, balance and stamina too. I started out lifting weights, skipping and jogging back and forth in the gym. Now I do workouts with the jump rope, punch drills with the weights and I even lay on the weight bench to do ab drills. I love the way my body looks now. I have even thought about hiring a personal trainer to come and help me utilize the equipment better in my home gym. I have even thought about adding new pieces as well. I would really like to add some resistance bands, a wobble board and an inflated exercise ball.

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