Ways to fix an A/C leak

A big part of your air conditioning unit’s job is to decrease moisture from the air through a series of coils and hoses.

The less humid the air, the cooler you will feel inside of your home.

The dripping of water outside your home can be a reassuring thing but you don’t want any water dripping inside of your home. There are some things you can do to service a leak from your a/c yourself, but your a/c should be installed so it leans slightly downward toward the outside to encourage water to flow outward. You should also make sure the drain hole isn’t blocked. If it’s blocked, unblock it but don’t mess up your unit by drilling any holes into it. Make sure the framework around the unit is sealed. This will prevent any heated moist outside air mixing with the cool inside air which creates condensation. Look for ice on the coils when the a/c is running. A test will need to be run on it if there is ice present on the coils. Lower outside temperatures can cause a water leak if the system is running, however temperatures are cooler outside or will become cooler, make sure to turn off the unit to prevent water from dripping inside. Check the coil to see if it is dirty. You may be able to wash the coil with soap and water. If it is too dirty, it will need to be replaced. If the unit needs to be taken apart to clean, a HVAC professional can help you. Trying these steps to service a leak in your a/c before calling a professional will help you in the long run and save you money.

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