Workouts and cramps in my legs

I’m having problems with my legs, specifically with my calf muscles.

While the entire leg hurts, those particular muscles continually feel about to cramp.

The achie is much more severe at night & makes it very difficult to sleep. I’ve started taking magnesium pills, turmeric & Advil before I go to bed. I massage glycerin into my calf & wrap my lower legs in electric heating pads. I am open to just about any remedy to alleviate the pain. However, I have been reluctant to give up my daily exercise program. I workout for an hour every day, & these training sessions are always very strenuous. I sometimes run 6 to 8 miles or devote the whole hour to strictly jumping rope. On the days when I focus more on strength training, I still add in mountain climbers, squat jumps, lunge jumps & jumping jacks. I realize that my workouts are especially hard on my legs. For a short while, I attempted to avoid high intensity cardio & stress on my legs. I turned my attention to ab crunches & lifting weights. This quickly became boring & repetitive. I got tired of it, especially because I saw no improvement in my legs. I then switched to riding the stationary bike every other day for 60 minutes. I had read that this was a beneficial exercise to lessen the chance of leg cramping. I think that pedaling made the problem worse. I enjoyed a short reprieve when the pain completely disappeared for approximately a week. I put the heating pads away. I wrongly assumed I was cured. However, the night before last, the ache in my left calf woke me up out of a deep sleep. I had no choice but to get out of bed & stretch to the muscle to alleviate cramping. My legs are terribly sore this week, & I’m not happy about what I’ll probably face tonight. For my workout, I was careful to avoid stress on the legs and spent the majority of the time on crunches.


Workouts and cramps in my legs

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