Writing an article on my experience with a zoned HVAC

I am a writer by profession and when I received a request from one of my customers, who owns a heating and a/c system, to write an article, I thought it was going to be a fairly easy article.

The article needed me to write about my experience interacting with some of the cooling equipment available in the market.

At home, I was using the zoned HVAC and so the request was to write about my experience with this cooling system in particular. Well, I had a couple of experiences to choose from but decided to go with the most recent one. I was preparing to have the cooling specialist come to perform a quality AC service on my central air conditioning system when the unit started smoking. I was in the shower at that time, I was shocked when I came out of the bathroom to find the house full of smoke. The air ducts were dispelling smoke instead of chilly air to help with indoor comfort. When the cooling workman arrived, he diagnosed the issues as a rusted heat exchanger that caused the unit to malfunction and almost burst into flames. I had to order a new HVAC system. I opted to have the same unit that worked as well as a commercial air conditioning system. The HEPA filter on the unit helped improve the air quality within the house. It was also easy to operate this unit and the HVAC services were not as many as one would expect. Though the recommendation was to use a programmable controller, my wireless thermostat also worked with the unit. Apart from the smoking issue, this unit had served me well and that is why I had opted to replace the same system.


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